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Mrs. Perry's Garden

The Bristol Garden Club maintains the gardens at Mrs. Perry’s Garden. Mrs. Perry was the Founding Member of the Bristol Garden Club in 1928. The existing gardens were developed on what was part of the Bosworth/Perry home, built in 1680 it is the first home in Bristol, Rhode Island.

The gardens were planned to mimic the gardens Mrs. Perry had planted in the early 1900’s. A major renovation of the property was done in the 1960’s. A collaboration between the Town of Bristol and Bristol Garden Club created Mrs. Perry’s Gardens within Thomas Park at Silver Creek.


The gardens have many native species of perennials and specimen trees. The plants were chosen for their hardiness, colors, and ease of maintenance. Over a two-year period (2007-2008) the gardens were updated, and many more plants added to create a multi-season color display. The plants were also chosen for their Xeric properties (no supplemental watering is needed once established).


In 2017 more updates were made at the Gardens and a Rainkeep was added. The Rainkeep was designed and built by sculptor, Allison Newsome. The rainwater collected is used to maintain any new plants and trees. The Rainkeep is an interesting focal point of the gardens and park with an environmental purpose.

Clean-up 2024

Volunteers worked to clean up Mrs. Perry's Garden for summer visitors.

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