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The Daffodil Project

How it began…


Now in its fifth year, the Daffodil Project began in 2020 with the planting of hundreds of daffodil bulbs along Metacom Avenue (north), in Mrs. Perry’s Garden, at Mt. Hope Farm, and in the garden behind Rogers Free Library.


In 2021, thanks to a grant from the Toyota National Scenic Byway Foundation planting attention was focused on Route 114 (Ferry Road and Hope Street).  The club continued to plant daffodils along the scenic byway and Rt 136 (Metacom Ave).


As of 2023, the Club has planted, donated, and sold approximately 30,000 bulbs.  Our planting sites started at the two Welcome to Bristol signs and run the length of Bristol extending to the Mount Hope Bridge medians.


Where can you see the Daffodils?


Bulbs are purchased and planted using funds from private donations, fundraising events, and grants. The daffodils bloom mid-April and can be seen at the following locations. 


Welcome sign at the Audubon Society to Dolly Drive: ~ 5,000 bulbs, 2022 and 2023

*Benjamin Church Manor: 250 bulbs, 2021

*Bradford-Diamond-Norris House, 474 Hope Street: 250 bulbs, 2021

*North Burial Ground: 150, 2021

*Herreshoff Museum: 150, 2021

*Linden Place: >250, 2021

*Stone walls at Mount Hope Bridge: 2,000, 2021 and 2022

Burnside Building donated grant funds 2022, 2023

Bristol Town Hall, 2022, 2023

Fatima Garden 2021

Welcome to Bristol sign Route 136 North 500 bulbs, 2022

Welcome to Bristol sign Route 114 North, 2022

Seabra Grocery Store, 2022

Stone Wall at Ferry Road and Hope Street, 2021, 2022, and 2023

Hope Street to High Street, 2022, 2023

Median strips at Wood Street and Ferry Road, 2023

Elks Lodge, Thames Street, 2022

Thomas Park, 2022 and 2023

Mrs. Perry’s Garden, 2021, 2022, 2023

Downtown Hope Street lamp posts 250 bulbs, 2022

Bristol Post Office, 100 bulbs, 2023

Town Common benches, 2022

Colt State Park and at the Parks and Recreation Center, Asylum Road, 100 bulbs, 2023

Roger’s Free Library, 2022, 2023

Mount Hope Farm entrance, 750 bulbs, 2023

Veterans Home entrance, Route 136 1,000 bulbs, 2023

Colt Andrews Elementary School, 250 bulbs, 2023

Rockwell Elementary School 250 bulbs, 2023

Guiteras Elementary School, 250 bulbs, 2023

Wood Street wall 2023 town grant and BGC donation


*Funded with a grant from the Toyota Motor North America, the National Scenic Byway Foundation and the American Park Network, 2021


Our Support


The Town of Bristol generously provides funding to the Garden Club for the Daffodil Project through its annual grant program.  The funds are matched with funds raised by the Club through various events and activities, including the sale of some of the bulbs. Many thanks to the Bristol leadership, including the Town Council, Warren Rensehausen, the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, Christopher Parella of the Department of Public Works, Diane Williamson, the Director of Community Development, and to the numerous volunteers and club members who have donated their time, labor and days of labor to bring a daffodil pathway through our scenic town of Bristol.


Additional thanks to the Friends of the Library for supporting the daffodil project and expanding future library garden projects for the public to enjoy.


How can you help?


  1. Buy our bulbs:  Each year, the Club sells daffodil bulbs at Mt. Hope Farm and elsewhere.  Locations are advertised as they become know.

  2. Plant your own bulbs in your yard to expand the daffodil project beyond the main roads

  3. Make a donation by contacting us at

  4. Buy some chocolate! Several times a year we hold Yum raising events through See’s chocolates. If you would like to be added to our email list, please email us at


Daffodil Project Questions answered


  • Our bulbs are purchased midsummer, delivered late September and planted October and November.

  • We use Dutch Master Bulbs for all the mass planting sites.  The Dutch Master bulbs naturalize and require little to no maintenance.

  • Our tools include shovels, trowels, Propluggers, purchased in 2022 and a large electric auger, purchased in 2023.

  • The bulbs are planted 5 per square foot in a 5 dice pattern and staggered.

  • We strongly suggest leaving the bulbs alone for 6 six weeks after bloom before cutting the foliage. The foliage feeds the plants for the next blooming season.

  • The bulbs can be planted in sun and shade.

  • For best results plant 6 inches deep.


Other sites you may want to visit.


American Daffodil Society

Blithewold Mansion, Garden & Arboretum

Newport in Bloom

For any additional information, please contact The Bristol Garden Club at We are happy to put you in touch with a member who can answer any questions about the Project. 

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